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Specialized in critical environments

Sentinel is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services. We have scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes.  Maintainingservers of your business in productionIt is our main objective, extending the useful life of the equipment.

We offer services that keep your hardware infrastructure in optimal conditions, endorsed by our satisfied customers. We rely on theresponse agility and adaptabilityto the needs of our customers.  Be part of the change and keep your equipment with us!

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About us

At Sentinel we are a group of professionals withMore than 25 years of experienceat major manufacturers. We are committed to responding to complex challenges using a strategic, creative and collaborative approach. The experience, capacity and passion of our human resources is the foundation for the success with which we serve our clients.That's why we invest considerable resources in recruiting, developing skills, and creating an environment that fosters your growth.

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