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Custom projects

Implementation services tailored to the needs of your projects in which we take care of the different stages:initial consultingof requirements,planning, implementation and integrationof existing hardware and software, training and necessary documentation.

Our services

virtualization environments

By consolidating storage management, we achieve improved performance and data security.

CPD transfers

Authentic specialists.We unrack, we rack,disconnecting all the machines and moving them. We can remove and destroy equipment or disks by issuing the corresponding certificates.

Installations and interventions in all types of CPD

We attend to any request that is made to us 24x7 for equipment that customers have out of Warranty. Both installations and specific interventions. 

Private and hybrid cloud

We are used to working in a Mixed or Hybrid environment, giving support to both the hardware part and the virtual environment.

Infrastructure migration and consolidation

We migrate old environments to new systems, updating any version of both software and hardware equipment. 

Backup systems, clusters and renewal of UPSs

We are specialists in integrating backup systems, replication and contingency systems so that production does not suffer cuts and if there are production stops it is recovered as soon as possible.  We propose a renewal of the Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS).

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