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Before performing any cybersecurity service, we have our EYESIGHT test in which a report ofcollection of confidential data available on the internet. This analysis is completely free andnot intrusive, we only use a domain to do it.

Increasingly, companies and organizations must define and implement the appropriate mechanisms and processes to safeguard and protect information. Thiscan negatively affect the continuity of your businessand impact their market image and the trust they transmit to their customers, suppliers, etc.

Regulatory Compliance

Legal requirements (RGDP), sectoral standards, NIS regulations, ISO, ENS, etc...


Vulnerability scan

Internal/external pentesting

Black Box (internal/external)


WEB and Apps Audits (Android /iOS)

Audits with cybersecurity experts

Surveillance and monitoring

Service for the detection, response and mitigation of security impacts

cyber protection insurance

cybersecurity services

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